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Oiler Pride At Marmot Basin

It is time to show your sup­port for the Oil­ers! They are play­ing Wednes­day at Rogers Place at 8pm Moun­tain Time. Here is a fan with the Oil­ers cape rid­ing at Mar­mot Basin.

Oiler Pride at Marmot Basin
Oil­er Pride at Mar­mot Basin
Oiler Pride at Marmot Basin
Oil­er Pride at Mar­mot Basin
Oiler Pride at Marmot Basin
Oil­er Pride at Mar­mot Basin




Just a little out of town



Skating Mildred Lake

The Fair­mont Jasper Park Lodge main­tains a skat­ing ovals in the win­ter. If you ever want to skate on frozen lake, this is one of the places to do so. Nat­ur­al cracks do form on lakes, so beware that it does not have a per­fect sur­face when skat­ing. They also clear hock­ey rink size areas for hock­ey.

Loop around lake Mildred
Loop around lake Mil­dred
Fairmont JPL decoration lake Mildred
Fair­mont JPL dec­o­ra­tion lake Mil­dred
Rest area Lake Mildred
Rest area Lake Mil­dred
Aided Skating on Lake Mildred
Aid­ed Skat­ing on Lake Mil­dred
Bench seating to put on skates on Lake Mildred
Bench seat­ing to put on skates on Lake Mil­dred


Access: Jasper Park Lodge Road

Park­ing: Yes

Trail­head: Short walk

Dis­tance: 6km

Activ­i­ties: Skat­ing (win­ter)

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Preparing The Ice On The Lake

With cold tem­per­a­tures and low snow fall, the lake ice is now per­fect for skat­ing, at least Patri­cia Lake. A hand­ful of good local samar­i­tans armed with shov­els, they cleared a hock­ey rink and a loop path on the lake.

Canadian style hockey on the lake
Cana­di­an style hock­ey on the lake
Wide open spaces for your dog to get some excercise
Wide open spaces for your dog to get some excer­cise

The tem­per­a­ture might be cold, but it is still great to get out and enjoy the fan­tas­tic views from the lake.  If you want to warm up fast, bring a shov­el and help main­tain and widen the loop! Plen­ty of lake to play on.

clear track - explorejasper
Start of a beau­ti­ful thing

Last week, we test­ed the lake and it was thin, this week, it is now good to go! You can even prac­tice your fat bik­ing for the upcom­ing Jasper in Jan­u­ary event. There is snow just enough for grip where it has not been cleared.

Everyone benefits on exercise
Every­one ben­e­fits on exer­cise
tossing the snow in air - explore jasper
It’s snow­ing!
Braving the cold and taking in the sunny skies
Brav­ing the cold and tak­ing in the sun­ny skies


Getting that itch to skate?

This was Patri­cia Lake on Mon­day 5th of Decem­ber. The ice is about 1/2 inch (1.27cm) thick and was checked sci­en­tif­i­cal­ly by our @alpineart guy of @jasperweddings trans­port ser­vice.  After step­ping on to the ice, need­less to say, it was not thick enough to sup­port any weight just yet.

The scientific check
The sci­en­tif­ic check
thin ice
Art hold­ing a piece of ice that is about 1/2 inch thick

The lake looks hope­ful for the end of this week, the nights are drop­ping to the minus 20 range, and if the snow holds off, the ice will be very smooth.

Still thin ice on Patricia Lake
Still thin ice on Patri­cia Lake

This is a warn­ing to those who want to explore areas that are not ready for any activ­i­ties on lakes. The crack shot off across the lake in mere sec­onds when the ice broke through along the bank.

thin ice Patricia Lake
After break­ing through, the crack shot across the lake in sec­onds