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Oiler Pride At Marmot Basin

It is time to show your support for the Oilers! They are playing Wednesday at Rogers Place at 8pm Mountain Time. Here is a fan with the Oilers cape riding at Marmot Basin.

Oiler Pride at Marmot Basin
Oiler Pride at Marmot Basin
Oiler Pride at Marmot Basin
Oiler Pride at Marmot Basin
Oiler Pride at Marmot Basin
Oiler Pride at Marmot Basin




Just a little out of town



Skating Mildred Lake

The Fair­mont Jasper Park Lodge main­tains a skat­ing ovals in the win­ter. If you ever want to skate on frozen lake, this is one of the places to do so. Nat­ur­al cracks do form on lakes, so beware that it does not have a per­fect sur­face when skat­ing. They also clear hock­ey rink size areas for hock­ey.

Loop around lake Mildred
Loop around lake Mil­dred
Fairmont JPL decoration lake Mildred
Fair­mont JPL dec­o­ra­tion lake Mil­dred
Rest area Lake Mildred
Rest area Lake Mil­dred
Aided Skating on Lake Mildred
Aid­ed Skat­ing on Lake Mil­dred
Bench seating to put on skates on Lake Mildred
Bench seat­ing to put on skates on Lake Mil­dred


Access: Jasper Park Lodge Road

Park­ing: Yes

Trail­head: Short walk

Dis­tance: 6km

Activ­i­ties: Skat­ing (win­ter)

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Preparing The Ice On The Lake

With cold tem­per­a­tures and low snow fall, the lake ice is now per­fect for skat­ing, at least Patri­cia Lake. A hand­ful of good local samar­i­tans armed with shov­els, they cleared a hock­ey rink and a loop path on the lake.

Canadian style hockey on the lake
Cana­di­an style hock­ey on the lake
Wide open spaces for your dog to get some excercise
Wide open spaces for your dog to get some excer­cise

The tem­per­a­ture might be cold, but it is still great to get out and enjoy the fan­tas­tic views from the lake.  If you want to warm up fast, bring a shov­el and help main­tain and widen the loop! Plen­ty of lake to play on.

clear track - explorejasper
Start of a beau­ti­ful thing

Last week, we test­ed the lake and it was thin, this week, it is now good to go! You can even prac­tice your fat bik­ing for the upcom­ing Jasper in Jan­u­ary event. There is snow just enough for grip where it has not been cleared.

Everyone benefits on exercise
Every­one ben­e­fits on exer­cise
tossing the snow in air - explore jasper
It’s snow­ing!
Braving the cold and taking in the sunny skies
Brav­ing the cold and tak­ing in the sun­ny skies


Getting that itch to skate?

This was Patri­cia Lake on Mon­day 5th of Decem­ber. The ice is about 1/2 inch (1.27cm) thick and was checked sci­en­tif­i­cal­ly by our @alpineart guy of @jasperweddings trans­port ser­vice.  After step­ping on to the ice, need­less to say, it was not thick enough to sup­port any weight just yet.

The scientific check
The sci­en­tif­ic check
thin ice
Art hold­ing a piece of ice that is about 1/2 inch thick

The lake looks hope­ful for the end of this week, the nights are drop­ping to the minus 20 range, and if the snow holds off, the ice will be very smooth.

Still thin ice on Patricia Lake
Still thin ice on Patri­cia Lake

This is a warn­ing to those who want to explore areas that are not ready for any activ­i­ties on lakes. The crack shot off across the lake in mere sec­onds when the ice broke through along the bank.

thin ice Patricia Lake
After break­ing through, the crack shot across the lake in sec­onds