Talbot Lake

Great fish­ing last just along the Yel­low­head hwy. Boat rentals avail­able from town. North­ern Pike is preva­lent in these waters.
You will be able to see a Beaver lodge near the bank of the high­way. On the south side of the lake, an old burn from the Syn­cline Ridge fire that raged though while a pre­scribed burn when awry can be seen.

Beaver Lodge
under­wa­ter entrance of the Beaver lodge
Weeds all along the shores

talbot-lake-20100625-1075  talbot-lake-20100625-1090

This lake is usu­al­ly windy and the wind­sport folks loves this area.

Access: Hwy 16

Park­ing: Yes

Trail­head: 20 min­utes east of Jasper town­site

Activ­i­ties: Sights / Fish­ing / Boat­ing


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