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On a recent recreational vehicle(RV) trip to plot out attractions and must see areas in north west British Columbia (BC). The purpose of the trip was a work combined with some fun in the process. The insight we gathered on how travelers find their way around new destinations was quite an eye opener. When you live in a tourist town, you tend to forget how the visitors need information that is second hand to a local.


Located on the south side of Connaught Drive and Hazel , No propane

What’s this got to do with Jasper? Well, we have neglected to tell you about certain services that are available to RV travelers that visit Jasper, like the simplest things like fuel.


Located on the north side of Connaught Drive and Hazel, no propane

Propane is use for BBQ and for motor vehicles, and there is only one outlet in town, the Petro Canada on Balsam Ave, and of course after a certain time, they stop pumping, pretty safe to get help on working hours, if they are short handed, forget getting about your vehicle getting filled. Diesel, there was only one until last summer of 2015 all three gas stations retro fitted their pumps to include Diesel, so we are good there. Hint on this is, if you are visiting on a long weekend, make sure you fuel up before you find your camp spot for your vehicle, as it has been known that the tanks at the station run dry. You will thank us for this tip.


The only one carrying propane, located on north side of Connaught Drive and Balsam


Located on north side of Connaught Drive and Balsam, only one with propane

There are only four campsites with power hook ups, follow us on our next article to find out more on traveling with a recreational vehicle.

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