RV series three

Maps. Locations, Attractions…

We found that maps were one of the greatest help and I don’t mean online maps nor GPS for that matter. Physical, printed out hard copies, the ones you can buy at some petro stations and books stores. And you can get free ones at the information kiosk. This download link has an old map that is still some what valid, just the dates are old. Jasper National Park Map


Free maps are great from the tourist outlets

A back country map book is very handy specially when in British Columbia (BC) with a RV. It maps out all the recreational sites where you can plan your next sleep and for FREE! Don’t everyone like things for free?


The information centre located at Miette Ave and Connaught Drive

Points of interest is good to know before you arrive at your destination, it might just be along the route you take to arrive in Jasper. Take your time and enjoy the natural beauty that surrounds us locals everyday.


One of two public washrooms available in Jasper

My suggestion is to explore this site for all the attractions and points of interest. Use the search tool to navigate this photo rich site, the menus or tags works just as well, if you cannot find what you are looking for, don’t hesitate to send us a comment.


One of two public washrooms available in Jasper, this one attached to the Friends of Jasper store

Here is a point of interest, a sani dumps for your RV! One in town, located at the Stan Wright Industrial Park, one along the 93a close to the Athabasca river and Wapiti and Whistlers Campground.


One of two Sani dump in the town boundary, this one located between Alpine Village and Tekarra Lodge

The other sani dump is much closer in town located at the Industrial park just across from the RV parking lot on Hazel Ave.

Thank you for checking out our RV series. Did we miss something for the recreational vehicle travelers? Leave us a comment and we can try and cover it. Cheers and happy RV-ing!

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