Camping in the winter

Camping does not stop when the snow falls. The back and front country campsites are still open if you care to brave the weather. This authentic Canadian pastime is fun when you are prepared to cozy up to a nice down filled sleeping bag or build an Igloo, yes people down south of the border, we Canadians do sleep in Igloos.

The Igloo by Explore Jasper

Mt. Kitchner 2006 The igloo lived in for one night

Snow Dome

A trip like this does not come so often, so when a friend invited me on this trip to the top of the world (in my mind), I could not pass it up. The Snow Dome sits high in the Rockies, part of the Columbia Icefield covered in (you guess it) snow! An experience guide is a must for this trip and I was fortunate to tag along a guide training trip conducted by Doug Latimer , and when they said it was skiing, well I was tickled pink! The Snow Coaches can take you part way up this Athabasca Glacier, but not pass the huge ice falls and crevasses.

Snow camping Snowdome 1999

Snowdome 1999, Chantal snow camping at the base.

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Recreational Vehicle Camping

The campsite Wapiti and Whistlers has winter hook-ups, but you better check with Parks Canada Camping site to see availability times as they don’t have a regular hours for these campsites.


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