Discovery Trail interpretive signs

Discovery Trail

Take a stroll around town

The Dis­cov­ery Trail is a looped trail that sur­rounds the town. The trails are just foot­steps right from your accom­mo­da­tions and lodg­ings. Jasper is quite envi­ron­men­tal­ly sound when it comes to dri­ving. you real­ly don’t need a vehi­cle when in Jasper. Walk­ing from one end of Jasper only takes 15 min­utes or so. If rid­ing a bike, there are ample bike racks around town. The Dis­cov­ery Trail is also a great way to trans­port your­self to the oth­er side of town and get a lit­tle work­out to boot.

Discovery Trail markers
Dis­cov­ery Trail mark­ers
Discovery Trail sign
Dis­cov­ery Trail sign
Discovery Trail rest stops
Dis­cov­ery Trail rest stops
Discovery Trail bridges
Dis­cov­ery Trail bridges

You can hire bicy­cles in sev­er­al out­door stores. I high­ly rec­om­mend just walk­ing around and explore this won­der­ful town.

Discovery Trail view
Dis­cov­ery Trail view
Discovery Trail view
Dis­cov­ery Trail view


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