Biking Trail Descriptions


Just coasting along – Sandra

Majorie Lake loop…………………. 9 km

Easy to Intermediate

– Start at Cabin Creek off Bonhomme Street at west end, trail starts with a steady climb pretty well all the way to Minnow and Majorie Lake, there will be trail signs for the intersections. The intersection close to Majorie Lake is the return part for this description. Very nice down hill single track with some roots and tiny drops. Several options here for different trails on return. This particular one meets up with the train tracks, (be aware it is an active railway). Using the service road to return to town.

#8 Mina-Riley Lake Loop ……….  9 km

Intermediate to Advanced

– Start at the parking lot opposite the Aquatic Center.   The trail climbs fairly steeply to the left until it intersects Cabin Lake fire road.  Cross the road and continue past a large pond to Mina Lake. 3.5km from the lake a marked spur trail leads down a very steep hill to Riley Lake.  Turn around at the intersection with #6 (where bikes are not allowed).  Return via the main trail turning left onto the fire road at km 7.  A  right turn onto the paved Pyramid Lake Road will lead you back down to town.

Palisades Lookout ……………………… 10.8 km

Pyramid Mountain Fire Road …….. 11 km


– Start at the very end of Pyramid Lake Road.  This is a grueling ride for the hardier mountain biker.  To go to the Palisade Lookout, take the junction to the right.  The left junction leads to the base of Pyramid Mountain.  Bring water.

#3 Saturday Night Loop ………….. 27.4 km


– The trailhead is the west end of the town just before The Cabin Creek West subdivision.  Take the left trail leading from the parking lot.  The trail starts off uphill and follows a low ridge with occasional views of the Miette and Athabasca Valleys.  Past Caledonia Lake the grade is gentle as it winds through a dense forest.  The trail gets steeper as it heads up to High Lakes.  From here to Saturday Night Lake are some swampy sections, but beyond that to Cabin Lake is easy traveling through open forest.  From Cabin Lake, continue along the fire road to the junction with Pyramid Lake Road and turn right to return to Jasper.  This trail can also be done in reverse.

#7 Athabasca River Trail ………….. 23 km

Beginner to Intermediate

Trail 7 – Starting at Old Fort Point the trail goes behind the golf course at The Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge.  The first 12 km have some uphill sections, especially as you near Maligne Canyon.  Bicycles are not allowed between the first and fifth bridges on the self-guided trail at Maligne Canyon.  Instead, ride down Maligne Road and take the Fifth Bridge turnoff 3 km below.  Cross the bridge and pick up Trail #7 on the far side.  Turn left to Sixth Bridge and continue along the trail runs beside the Athabasca River to Old Fort Point, or you can return to Jasper along Highway 16.

Lac Beauvert

Lac Beauvert

The Overlander Trail ……………….. 14 km

Beginner to Intermediate

– The trailhead is 20 km east of Jasper townsite on hwy 16.   Look for the marked trailhead at the second parking lot where the highway crosses the Athabasca River.  The trail parallels the Athabasca River offering excellent views and a nice lunch spot at the ruins of the historic Moberly buildings.  This area often floods in the spring resulting in sandy sections.  Some tricky side hill riding is required near the northern starting point.  Near the end of the trail take the right-hand fork which crosses a small bridged creek.  Continue along the edge of the river to the junction of the Maligne and Athabasca rivers at Sixth Bridge picnic area.   Bears frequent this area, particularly in the spring.

Signal Mountain Fire road lookout .. 10 km



– The marked trailhead for Signal Mountain is 10 km up the Maligne Lake Road.  Like the Palisade Fire Road, this is a grueling ride for the more energetic mountain biker.  The road switchbacks continuously over an elevation gain of 980 m.  Bring water.

# 1, 1A, 9 Old Fort Point

to Valley of the Five Lakes ….. 11.2 km
to Wabasso Lake ……………… 19.3 km



– This combination of trails follows rolling terrain from Old Fort Point trailhead to the first lake in the Valley of the Five Lakes.  There are some rocky and root bound sections.  There are two junctions in the trail at either end of the first lake.  Go left for scenic views of the lakes, or right to bypass the lakes.  All trails join together at the Wabasso Lake trail junction, before the sloughs.  Cross the boardwalk to continue on to the Icefields Parkway (Highway #93).  To continue to Wabasso Lake on the trail #9; follow the trail to the left of the sloughs.  The trail becomes root bound and rocky near Wabasso Lake.  Return to Jasper via the Icefield Parkway.

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Fortress Lake Trail ……………….. 25 km

– Start at Sunwapta falls and follow an old fire road.  Travel is excellent as far as the Athabasca Crossing suspension bridge, 16 km along, though views are limited.   Biking beyond the suspension bridge is not recommended but you can hike the remaining 9 km to Fortress Lake.  Fording the Chaba River to get to the lake is best in the spring and fall when water levels are low.  Camping is available at designated campsites along this trail.

Summit Lakes Trail …………….. 5 km
Jacques Lake ……………………. 13 km

– The trail starts at the south end of Medicine Lake, at the Beaver Lake picnic area and follows a lushly vegetated valley 5 km to the first Summit Lake.  To Beaver Lake there is virtually no elevation gain so the trail is suitable for family groups.   Beyond Summit Lakes to Jacques Lake the trail can be very muddy if there’s been a lot of rain.  Hardy bikers can take the South Boundary Trail to the Rocky Pass exit.

Geraldine Fire Road ……………. 5.5 km
Geraldine Lookout ………………. 8 km

– Start just off Highway 93A on the road to Geraldine Lakes trailhead.  This rough road is open  to cars.  Those looking for a longer day trip can continue past the gate 2.5 km farther along the old fire road to the Geraldine Lookout and get good views of the lower Whirlpool and Athabasca Valleys.  Or you can continue by foot along the marked trail to the first Geraldine Lake.

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Fryatt Trail ………………………. 10 km

– Start 2 km up the Geraldine Fire Road at the parking lot for the Fryatt Valley.   The trail passes through a moderately dense forest with very little elevation gain for the first 8 km.  Some small creek crossings must be negotiated.  From the lower Fryatt campsite you can continue another 10 km to the upper Fryatt Valley on foot.

Whirlpool Fire Road ……………. 11.5 km

– From Hwy. 93A take Moab Lake turnoff and drive to Moab Lake parking area.   From here it is 8.5 km to the end of the fire road.  You can hike or bike another 3 km from here to Tie Camp on foot.

Snake Indian Falls ……………… 48 km

– Drive along the restricted Celestine Lake Road to the Celestine Lake parking lot and the beginning of the North Boundary Trail.  A well graded gravel road leads 22 km to Snake Indian Falls.  One km beyond the falls, the road becomes a well-traveled trail to the Willow Creek area and the Rock Lake exit.