A glacial fed lake about 8-10 kilometers from Jasper town site. Just off the Yellowhead Highway 16, along side Athabasca River. Cross the Moberly Bridge that takes you to either The Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge or Maligne Lake take the left fork after the bridge and you will head south on the Maligne Lake road. Taking the first right hand turn and you will find the road to Lake Edith.


Rent a bike from town and cruise down to the lake


one of the shallow lakes in Jasper


I would say it is one of the warmer lakes in the park

Here you will find beautiful log homes nestled around the crystal blue lakefront with prime beach property are some unique cabins that are now winterize, and lived in year round. Although there is no commercial activity (none that I know of) at Lake Edith, it still draws quite a bit of traffic from fishermen, swimmers, joggers, and sun-worshippers.  There is a public dock and beach, so you can enjoy this picturesque sight either float on the lake or just walking around.

lake-edith20070707_0214Beach and soak, what can you ask for?

By the way, No Gas powered motors allowed! Remember you are in the National Park and to be Eco friendly is to enjoy the great outdoors here. Since this lake is very shallow with lots of sandbars, you can sometimes spot somebody pretending to be like Jesus walking on water in the middle of the lake. I would like to add that this lake is one of the warmer glacial lakes to swim in, it is a great place to practice your Eskimo rolls, and no it is not some thing you bake. Kayaking is one of the major sports in Jasper and this is a great practicing place for beginners to advance alike. Adjacent to this lake is Lake Annette, one of the more popular day use areas with all the amenities, Bar-b-q grills, picnic tables, beach and outhouse!

lake-edith20070707_0232_1Practice kayaking