Lower Falls of Sunwapta

Sunwapta Falls

If you are trav­el­ing from the South, you will pass, Athabas­ca Glac­i­er, you might even take on a ride with Brewster’s Ice Explor­er. The Athabas­ca Glac­i­er is the head waters for this tur­bu­lent riv­er.

Main chutes of Sun­wap­ta at high water
Sec­ond water falls

At the falls, the Sun­wap­ta Riv­er abrupt­ly changes course from north­west to south­west and plunges in a cloud of spray into a deep canyon. Fol­low a trail along the riv­er and you will find a few more sets of water­falls which is as beau­ti­ful as the last one.

Sec­ond chute

There is a nice trail where you can explore the near­by area or con­tin­ue on to reach Big Bend (6 km), Athabas­ca Cross­ing ( 14 km ), or Fortress Lake (25 km). The trail can be hiked or biked.

Low­er part of Sun­wap­ta Falls
Main chutes

Sea­son­al accom­mo­da­tion is near­by if the short stop is not enough. Din­ing and pic­nic sites avail­able. It is also the start­ing point for white­wa­ter raft­ing on the Sun­wap­ta riv­er 300metres south of Sun­wap­ta Falls Resort. 8 km upstream of the falls, class 3 white­wa­ter raft­ing is avail­able. You can reserve with the links below.

Main Entrance of Sunwapta Fall Resort
Main Entrance of Sun­wap­ta Fall Resort

Access: From Jasper, head South, Hwy 93A, 55km

Park­ing: Yes

Trail­head: From Park­ing Lot

Dis­tance:Short Walk

Activ­i­ties:Sights / Hik­ing / Camp­ing / Bik­ing / Raft­ing

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