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Two Valley Canyon

Canyon discoveries in Maligne Valley

This gem is great year round, ice for­ma­tions in the win­ter and water fall in the sum­mer. Some adven­tur­ists repel the water­fall while it is ful­ly gush­ing with water for thrills. This canyon is also nick­named Bull­shit Canyon (if some­one can cor­rect me if I’m wrong, please do so.)

Bring cram­pons as this trek needs them. You can also walk along the top of the canyon if you have ropes to rap­pel into the top part of the canyon.

Will need crampons for this section
Will need cram­pons for this sec­tion
Ice statues
Ice stat­ues
Ice statues
Ice stat­ues
End of the line unless you have ice climbing gear
End of the line unless you have ice climb­ing gear
Another ice fall to negotiate
Anoth­er ice fall to nego­ti­ate
If you can't walk, slide
If you can’t walk, slide

Access to this area is on Maligne Lake road south of the Maligne Hos­tel. You will come to a bridge where the canyon joins the Maligne riv­er.


Maligne Canyon Winter

Winter wonderland in Jasper

Things to do, and points of inter­est. Reg­u­lar tours are avail­able to access the val­ley bot­tom. A guide will safe­ly tour you around with inter­pre­tive knowl­edge.

Maligne Canyon - Jasper
Still a lit­tle bit frozen in May
Maligne Canyon - Jasper
Sand­wiched between ice

We do how­ev­er, have to wait till the weath­er to get cool­er so it can freeze the canyon bot­tom and the sur­round­ing seep­age which cre­ates the won­der­ful frozen ice falls.

Maligne Canyon - Jasper
Nar­row chutes
Maligne Canyon - Jasper

A cave that is nor­mal­ly under water in the sum­mer is revealed, cau­tion is advised if you are think­ing of ven­tur­ing in. It is not main­tained and it not rec­om­mend­ed if you do not know what you are doing.

Maligne Canyon - Jasper
take in the canyon walls
Maligne Canyon - Jasper
Frozen water which is riv­er in sum­mer

The tall canyon walls are spec­tac­u­lar and won­drous, this area should be a place to see when you vis­it Jasper in the Win­ter.

Maligne Canyon - Jasper
tall cliff walls
Maligne Canyon - Jasper
Deep canyon of Maligne
Maligne Canyon - Jasper
Bridge over canyon

If the canyon is not ready for walk­ing on, you can still walk above from the Tea house down to Fifth or Sixth bridge.

 spectacular view 1Y9A5280
spec­tac­u­lar view
View into the deep canyon

This place is great to vis­it year round, so explore this area the next time you vis­it.


Maligne Canyon Summer

Amazing deep canyon walls

One of the most spec­tac­u­lar gorges in the Cana­di­an Rock­ies, sheers lime­stone walls plunge to depths of over 50 metres(165 ft.).  An inter­pre­tive trail winds its way from the pic­nic area across six bridges where you can catch the spray from the thun­der­ing Maligne Riv­er, or peer into the mossy depths.

Infor­ma­tion­al map
No fences here, use cau­tion

If you stay on the reg­u­lar path, the steep bits are fenced for your safe­ty, so don’t ven­ture any­where you are no com­fort­able with. When it rains, many areas gets slip­pery.

Maligne Canyon
Safe­ty net

Some of the areas are def­i­nite­ly not great for unsu­per­vised chil­dren. I’ll repeat again, use cau­tion and com­mon sense.

Maligne Canyon - Jasper
view from above
Maligne Canyon - Jasper
Frozen water­falls

Sum­mer has a dif­fer­ent charm to Maligne Canyon, although you can­not get right into the canyon itself, unless you are a Kayak­er. You can how­ev­er walk along the the Canyon from above to view the beau­ti­ful water falls and gorges.

Maligne Canyon - Jasper
good paths
Maligne Canyon - Jasper
Good Park­ing area with the entrance close by

This attrac­tion draws many vis­i­tors, so you might even run into park­ing issues, and if you do, there are options like tak­ing a tour with the local guide arranged in Jasper town or park at Fifth bridge and hike up the canyon.

Maligne Canyon - Jasper
Guid­ed tours avail­able year round


Near­by, between the Fifth and Sixth bridges, are the Rock Gar­dens and the Boul­der Gar­dens, Jasper’s fore­most climb­ing areas. In the win­ter, try your hand at a guid­ed Canyon Tour across the floor of the frozen canyon.  This is a sight you’ll not want to miss!  The Tea House is open from March to ear­ly Novem­ber.

Maligne Canyon - Jasper
easy steps
Maligne Canyon - Jasper
Great for fam­i­ly fun

Maligne Canyon - Jasper

spec­tac­u­lar view

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Morro Canyon

Explore off the beaten path

This is actu­al­ly not too remote to get to but rather not very com­mon to explore this area. Mor­ro peak is just above this canyon, which is the main traf­fic to this trail­head. The Over­lan­der Trail also comes by this way. Instead of head­ing toward Mor­ro Peak path, to head towards the Hawk Moun­tain path and find the canyon here. Some come here for some sport climb­ing, as for us it was a quick explor­ing trip and a lit­tle scram­bling.