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Skate Canadian Style!

Over the years, skat­ing has become an indoor activ­i­ty, some­thing you do in cov­ered rinks, hock­ey are­nas, even shop­ping malls. But you haven’t real­ly skat­ed until you’ve enjoyed a day on a frozen lake or riv­er, some­thing in Jasper you can do all win­ter long.


Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge

The Fair­mont Jasper Park Lodge has skat­ing on Lake Mil­dred. The Lodge clears a rec­tan­gu­lar skat­ing rink just a short walk from the main lodge. They also keep it light for night skat­ing. At Lake Mil­dred, the lodge clears a giant oval that may have you puff­ing after only one or two times around. There are also usu­al­ly two rec­tan­gu­lar rinks cleared inside the oval where on most days, you’ll find a spir­it­ed game or two of shin­ny. There are bench­es to sit on, and often a bon­fire and free hot choco­late. It’s a great way to spend an after­noon whether you’re stay­ing at the lodge or not.

Pyramid Lake

Pyra­mid Lake is anoth­er super spot for skat­ing. Take Pyra­mid Lake Road across the Activ­i­ty Cen­tre for six kilo­me­tres to Pyra­mid Lake Resort where hotel staff have cleared up a por­tion of the lake near the shore.

Snaring River

And while lakes are the most pop­u­lar skat­ing areas, you can also ven­ture onto the frozen Snar­ing Riv­er off the Snar­ing Road that branch­es from High­way 16 east of the town. Skat­ing on nat­ur­al sur­faces can take some get­ting used to. Some of the cleared rinks are flood­ed but you don’t get that Zam­boni-like smooth­ness you’d find at the local indoors are­na.

Oth­er lakes that might be good if con­di­tions are right.

Annette, Edith, Horse­shoe, Med­i­cine & Maligne Lake are all amaz­ing spots. I can list lots more but you get the idea. Frozen ponds with­out snow are the best sur­faces for skat­ing.


You have to watch for bumps, notch­es and the odd bare patch lat­er in the sea­son. You’ll also hear the occa­sion­al loud crack even on the thick­est of ice in the dead of win­ter. Use com­mon sense, if you don’t feel com­fort­able on the lake, don’t go!

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