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I travel when I have time and when the funds to support the habit. I realize that you have reached this website from various means and you are in search of travel tips, information on what to do and explore. I will do my best to help you out by posting information on what you might encounter when visiting Jasper National Park, Alberta and even some other part of the country. Just drop me a line if you have specific questions about Jasper National Park.

I like to also add I am not affiliated with Park Canada, Tourism Jasper or the Municipality of Jasper, I am a resident of Jasper and will supply you with a local’s point of view. I also get submissions to post on this site, so if it is not totally accurate, don’t blame me, I will do my best to source out the most accurate information I can.

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The list of travel tips and resources below will evolve over time, so check back often for updates. Contact us for quick reply.

Watch out for Wildlife

Time of year to watchout for wildlife on the roads. Slow down and enjoy the scenery!

Tangle Creek

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Travelers need to know three

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Travelers need to know two

Traveling in the off season, is not the best time to travel if you like to take in all the attractions and activities.

Travelers need to know one

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Shops & Services LINKS

Marriage Commissioner






  • Mica Mountain Lodge
    (Located near Mount Robson, half an hour to the
    Jasper National Park boundary)
  • Dreamcatcher Inn
    (Located near Valemount Just over an hour west of Jasper)



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