Bull Elk


This species of ungu­lates are well known in town, as an local, we find them a nui­sance most of the time.  They come and poop on your side­walks and munch on your prize flow­ers.

Golden Mantle Squirrel - Explore Jasper

Golden Mantle Squirrel

Gold­en Man­tle Squir­rel hiber­nates in the win­ter, these lit­tle rodents loves to beg for food, but, please refrain from feed­ing them. They have plen­ty of nat­ur­al food to squir­rel away.

Red Fox - Explore Jasper

Red Fox

These crea­tures don’t show up very often, so this was a lucky cap­ture at Old Fort Point. He was just going about chas­ing squir­rels and rodents for food.

Brown Bear

Usu­al­ly mis­tak­en for a Griz­zly, Brown bears are part of the Black bear fam­i­ly. Notice there is no hump on this brown bear.

The fau­na in Jasper is abun­dant, Parks Cana­da works hard in the back­ground in con­serv­ing the ecol­o­gy of Jasper Nation­al Park. Take you time in Jasper and look around, watch your speed when dri­ving, nev­er know when a stam­pede can pop out from the road­side or a large ani­mal want­i­ng to cross. Do not stop in the mid­dle of the road, pull off to the side in a safe man­ner. Take pre­cau­tions while walk­ing or hik­ing the trails, these are wildlife and not breed­ed for pet­ting. Enjoy your time in Jasper and nev­er feed the wildlife.




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