Rafting Athabasca River


Points of inter­est, Direc­tions, links and pho­to packed adven­tur­ous sto­ries. Some of these attrac­tions can be reached by car, bus, bik­ing, shut­tle ser­vice and hik­ing. They are acces­si­ble to every­one, although some involve a short walk or an extend­ed mul­ti-day trip and some, you will need a humor­ous atti­tude. But all fun to just get out and explore Jasper.

We would like to thank all that con­tributes to the sto­ries list­ed here. You are invit­ed to sub­mit your sto­ries about Jasper and sur­round­ing area. If you do not have pho­tos that goes with your sto­ry, do not wor­ry, as we are will­ing to ven­ture out­doors from our com­put­er desks to pho­to­graph the vis­tas, scenes, and adven­tures that relate to your sto­ry. The sto­ries are post­ed on this site for FREE. Our relat­ed links are spon­sors that keep this web site free of annoy­ing ban­ners and ads.

To bet­ter appre­ci­ate the envi­ron­ment, pack out your own rub­bish and pick up any you see. Don’t for­get to bring a cam­era. You will not be dis­ap­point­ed in what you see.


As a local, here's my spin...