Points of Interest

Points of interest, Directions, links and photo packed adventurous stories. Some of these attractions can be reached by car, bus, biking, shuttle service and hiking. They are accessible to everyone, although some involve a short walk or an extended multi-day trip and some, you will need a humorous attitude. But all fun to just get out and explore Jasper.

Going great distance for Hot Pot

What does a local do to get a meal in a backcountry cabin.

Athabasca Falls Winter

Winter or summer, this is a point of interest not to be missed.

Tangle Creek

If you are heading to Banff or coming from, this rest area is a must see in the summer when the water is cascading over the cliff. In the winter, you might catch some ice climbers on this route. Just along the highway 93, near the Icefield parkway and the new Skywalk,...

Miette Hot Springs

Only open when the Miette road is. Summer access.

Skating Mildred Lake

The Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge maintains a skating ovals in the winter. If you ever want to skate on frozen lake, this is one of the places to do so. Natural cracks do form on lakes, so beware that it does not have a perfect surface when skating. They also clear...
Tonquin Adventures - Explore Jasper

Horseback Tonquin Valley

Don’t want to hike this distance into pristine backcountry? Couple of local outfitters can help you out.

Willow Creek warden cabin

Willow Creek

Be prepared to get your boots wet for this hike to one of the campsites on the North Boundary Trail. If you take the route from Celestine Lake, it takes about 33km, but if you take the route we took, it is only 13km. While driving to Rock Lake we encountered Elk, Goat, Sheep, Whitetail Deer and Mule deer.

Drummer with Matricia - Explore Jasper

Drumming with Warrior Women

Community dinner was entertained by these lovely drummers.

Jasper in JanJasper in January - ExploreJasperuary - ExploreJasper

Atco Street Party 2019

Jasper in January Atco street party. Just some random shots.

Halloween - Photos by Jasperguy

Halloween 2018

Halloween 2018 Night of hallows eve Ghouls and Goblins roams the streets of Jasper. The photos take place at Whistle Stop Pub, De'd Dog Grill and Royal Canadian Legion. Below, just click on the album and enjoy or relive your night! Happy Halloween. You may also share...
JRT - Explore Jasper

Rafting – Pentathlon 26th

Wild Blue Yonder Jasper Raft Tours Maligne Rafting Jasper Rafting Adventures Summer Solstice tradition The 26th, annual rafting pentathlon, this is where the rafting companies compete for the Mark Oddy Golden Paddle to get bragging rights on who has the best team for...
Bike jump - Explore Jasper

Monday Source Group ride

Monday is Source for Sports Group Ride. There are several group rides in Jasper, so go and ask about them in the local sports stores that rents out bicycles. Mondays are Source for Sports, meeting at 6:30pm at the green space beside Source for Sports. May 15, 2018,...


One of Canada’s top ten resort golf courses is located at The Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge.

Buffalo Prairie – Walking

Seems to be a favorite for dog owners to walk this field. We thought it would be fun to have a picnic by the stream. But coming here, we forgot to pack the picnic for the adults. It is also the second day of the nature challenge mentioned by David Suzuki FDN. It is...

Going great distance for Hot Pot

What does a local do to get a meal in a backcountry cabin.

Snowshoeing – Miette Meadows

Snowshow following some old animal tracks in wildland area of Jasper National Park. Short fun activity for the family.

Ski-tour – Pyramid Basin

Treated to a fresh groom up the Pyramid Lake fire road for 7.5 km. Sweet cool conditions and a stellar groom job.

Snowshoeing – Otter Loop

Easy slow pace adventure for everyone.

Trapper Creek Loop

facebooktwitterpinterestinstagramThis loop is located at Maligne Lake, you start off the trailhead of Bald Hills, and signage will be prominent so you should not get lost. There are a couple of trails along this route for all types of abilities. On this day we had a...
Kayaking - Explore Jasper

Early float on the Athabasca river

March seems a little early to play on the river, but this year has been warm and some of the channels are open for a float. We explored from Alpine Village to Sixth bridge. ...
Journey to Coronet Creek

Coronet Creek Adventure

Coronet Creek Camping I was a little hesitant in writing about this trip, because I wanted to keep it secret from the mass visitors to the area. Realizing that the best expeditions cannot be hidden away. This trip consist of watercrafts (canoes & sea kayaks) of...
Journey to Coronet Creek

Coronet Creek Adventure

Coronet Creek Camping I was a little hesitant in writing about this trip, because I wanted to keep it secret from the mass visitors to the area. Realizing that the best expeditions cannot be hidden away. This trip consist of watercrafts (canoes & sea kayaks) of...
Taken at Cove Bay Recreational Site

Travelers need to know one

RV series one Services, Fuel On a recent recreational vehicle(RV) trip to plot out attractions and must see areas in north west British Columbia (BC). The purpose of the trip was a work combined with some fun in the process. The insight we gathered on how travelers...
Mt. Paul overlooking Coronet Creek

Mount Paul

Mt. Paul If you want to summit, crampons are recommended for the section prior to summit. Otherwise the trail was fairly straight forward, canoe across from Coronet campsite dock, head into the valley until you find a suitable accent north and try not to get cliff-ed...

Caving At Night

only accessible in the winter. one of many caves open to public.

Aloha Cup 2017

Marmot Basin put on a good show for Easter weekend, a truly family event. An easy course set-up on Tranquilizer run with berms, jumps and gates. Almost everyone who participated got a prize from the local shops. Someone went home with a brand new pair of skis and...

Stargazing With Jasper Planetarium

Watching the stars in the dark sky is a fun event anyone can enjoy. Just find a moonless night and a dark preserve and the twinkles of the stars will light you up. A group gathered for some viewing of the stars with telescopes, binoculars and cameras to watch the...

Trail 4-7-13

The beauty about Jasper is that we have so many outdoor options, no snow? Well, biking is still an option. The labyrinth of trails makes it easy to pick one trail and switch your route at multiple intersection according to your whim. We wanted to check out the new...

Halloween 2016

Halloween is such a great night to get dressed up and be someone you are not. And it is also fun for the young ones to get treats from their neighbours plus a little social gathering for the parents. Believe it or not, some parts of the world do not know what...

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To better appreciate the environment, pack out your own rubbish and pick up any you see. Don’t forget to bring a camera. You will not be disappointed in what you see. Lets keep Jasper National Park pristine and natural.

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  • Mica Mountain Lodge
    (Located near Mount Robson, half an hour to the
    Jasper National Park boundary)
  • Dreamcatcher Inn
    (Located near Valemount Just over an hour west of Jasper)



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