Brown Bear

Vis­i­tors come to Jasper in the hopes to find or spot the big ani­mals of nature. Spring — June is one of the great­est times to spot Bears. I have to re-iter­ate to every­one, these are not tame ani­mals, so use com­mon sense when approach­ing wildlife, bet­ter yet, stay in your vehi­cles or just back off if you run into them.

Notice the longer snout on this brown bear
One of the biggest dan­ger is when you get between the mama and their cub

Most spot­ted areas are along the high­ways in the ditch­es, if you do pull over, please check your rear view mir­ror before slam­ming on the brakes. Pull over so reg­u­lar traf­fic can get around you safe­ly.

Let them enjoy their meal in peace
Dig­ging for some root veg­gies
Cute but still dan­ger­ous
Mama is always alert

Brown bears are part of the Black bear fam­i­ly. Notice there is no hump on this brown bear.

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