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Sea­son for Fall

Trail 4–7-13

The beau­ty about Jasper is that we have so many out­door options, no snow? Well, bik­ing is still an option. The labyrinth of trails makes it easy to pick one trail and switch your route at mul­ti­ple inter­sec­tion accord­ing to your whim.

Bull Elk seems to be out of the rutting phase
Bull Elk seems to be out of the rut­ting phase
Low river levels due to Autumn
Low riv­er lev­els due to Autumn

We want­ed to check out the new paved path along lake annette and from Old Fort Point to Jasper Park Lodge and we were not dis­ap­point­ed, nice work Parks Cana­da! The path made for every­one even wheel­chair acces­si­ble, this sec­tion starts or ends at the beach of lake Annette on the Quick­sand side of the lake.

Upgraded trail from Old For Point
Upgrad­ed trail from Old For Point
Entrance to Jasper Park Lodge
Entrance to Jasper Park Lodge

The few trails we took on this trek afford­ed us with some spec­tac­u­lar views and some wildlife too. This route is also rat­ed easy, not, too much up hills, most­ly rolling ter­rain.

Lake Annette view at Pyramid Lake
Lake Annette view at Pyra­mid Lake
Lake Annette beach, with rock break
Lake Annette beach, with rock break

So get out and explore these trails while they are still in great con­di­tion. We had ran into a small sec­tion of mud between Lake Annette to Fifth Bridge, so avoid if you can, but the weath­er this week is quite dry so the trail might be dry by then. Have fun.

Trail 4, Lake Annette to Fifth Bridge
Trail 4, Lake Annette to Fifth Bridge
Rock Garden along the Maligne River
Rock Gar­den along the Maligne Riv­er
Moberly Bridge, crossing the Athabasca River
Mober­ly Bridge, cross­ing the Athabas­ca Riv­er


Coronet Creek Adventure

Coronet Creek Camping

I was a lit­tle hes­i­tant in writ­ing about this trip, because I want­ed to keep it secret from the mass vis­i­tors to the area. Real­iz­ing that the best expe­di­tions can­not be hid­den away. This trip con­sist of water­crafts (canoes & sea kayaks) of human pow­er. The length of Maligne Lake is approx­i­mate­ly 22 kilo­me­tres long and Coro­net Creek camp­site is at the south end of the Lake. Need­less to say it is a long pad­dle down, if you can afford to rent the elec­tric motor­ized ver­sion (no gas pow­ered motors allowed) at var­i­ous places in Jasper, you can relax and enjoy the scenic ride.


There is some­thing about pack­ing all your gear and being self suf­fi­cient for a cou­ple of days in the wilder­ness. This par­tic­u­lar trip start­ed with a thun­der and light­ing show min­utes before we arrived at the put-in. The weath­er seemed to clear up, so off we went on our annu­al trip down the lake. We chose not to stop and camp at Fish­er­mans Bay (approx­i­mate­ly 14 km south) this time around, so the trip only need­ed three days and two nights, main­ly due to work rea­sons. Only two camp­sites are on this lake and only eight tent pads per site, so reser­va­tions are a must. Pick up per­mits at the Parks infor­ma­tion build­ing in Jasper.
Lets get back to the weath­er as this played an impor­tant role on this out­ing. Giv­ing thanks to Moth­er Nature at first, great tail wind that pushed us along to the nar­rows and then the dread­ful head­wind that fol­lowed. The sky was over­cast and the the waves were start­ing to rise, and the tour boats that roam up and down the lake added to the wakes. Still in good spir­its, some of us were wor­ried about the waves, so we took refuge at sev­er­al spots along the lake. There is some day use areas with fire pits if you had to stay out of the water. Real­iz­ing the weath­er was not going to let up we ven­tured onwards to Coro­net Creek.

The kayak­ers got there first and we canoeists soon fol­lowed. Six and a half-hours since we put-in, we final­ly arrived, a shout of joy and a shout for BEER! After quench­ing our thirst, tents and tarps went up fair­ly quick­ly as a storm was approach­ing. We pad­dled across the bay to pick up drift­wood and dead­falls for the camp­fire. It was sad to see that ear­li­er campers had left cans in the pits. A beau­ti­ful place and quite a bit of work to get here and still not enough respect for the area. OH well, I digress.
Noth­ing like a well-earned meal by the fire with the tarps over our heads and the rain pour­ing down, yet we still man­aged to stay dry. Morn­ing came quick, the dis­cus­sion about whose tents stayed dry and whose snor­ing was loud­er was the top­ic. The rain did not let up, but that did not stop Mike, Dan and Al from a hike to Coro­net Glac­i­er. The rest of us stayed by the camp under the tarp and wished the next day would bring good weath­er. No such luck. The war­den came by in the morn­ing to con­firm the bad news, head­wind and snow all the way back home!
Why did we ven­ture here? Well, after five to six beau­ti­ful lucky years, we were bound to have one crap­pie weath­er canoe / camp trip. Coro­net Creek, still a mag­i­cal place even if you can’t see the moun­tain tops. Just be pre­pared and make the most out of it.


Access: Maligne Lake

Park­ing: Yes

Trail­head: Boat Launch on Maligne Lake

Dis­tance: 21 kilo­me­tres on the lake.

Activ­i­ties: Canoe / Camp­ing


The Cast:
Nan­cy, Miri­am, Lar­ry, Jay, Mike, Al, Dan, Rhon­da, Rob, Eddie


Travelers need to know two

RV series two

Camping, parking...

Traveling in the off season, is not the best time to travel if you like to take in all the attractions and activities. Many of the services were closed even the tourist information outlets! Lucky for you, the Jasper info centre does stay open year round.

Photo from Cove Bay Recreational Site, Kitamaat, B.C.

Jasper is a national park and it is no different though the seasons, campgrounds close, but there is one site (Wapiti winter) open year round, almost.  For up to date information about those off season camping. Here is the web link:

Off season camping can encounter frozen lakes

Here is the sad news, when in Jasper, all the RV sites are fee based, unless you don't mind those rest areas along the highway, there are time limits on how long you can rest for. If it is just for a couple of hours, nobody in their right mind will give you a hassle on taking a rest and park. It is definitely safer for you and me both.

The glacier behind is Bear Glacier, on the road to Stewart B.C.

When in town, there are several large parking lots that  can accommodate larger motorhomes and you can park all day FREE and enjoy the town activities, restaurants and shops. Some trailheads do not accommodate RV's like the Edith Cavell road, if you are over 7 meters (23feet), there is a parking lot for those large RVs prior to the 14km (8.6miles) road to Edith Cavell.

What to do when your water tanks are full? Follow us @ExploreJasper for the next RV series coming soon...

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Travelers need to know one

RV series one

Services, Fuel

On a recent recreational vehicle(RV) trip to plot out attractions and must see areas in north west British Columbia (BC). The purpose of the trip was a work combined with some fun in the process. The insight we gathered on how travelers find their way around new destinations was quite an eye opener. When you live in a tourist town, you tend to forget how the visitors need information that is second hand to a local.

Located on the south side of Connaught Drive and Hazel , No propane

What's this got to do with Jasper? Well, we have neglected to tell you about certain services that are available to RV travelers that visit Jasper, like the simplest things like fuel.

Located on the north side of Connaught Drive and Hazel, no propane

Propane is use for BBQ and for motor vehicles, and there is only one outlet in town, the Petro Canada on Balsam Ave, and of course after a certain time, they stop pumping, pretty safe to get help on working hours, if they are short handed, forget getting about your vehicle getting filled. Diesel, there was only one until last summer of 2015 all three gas stations retro fitted their pumps to include Diesel, so we are good there. Hint on this is, if you are visiting on a long weekend, make sure you fuel up before you find your camp spot for your vehicle, as it has been known that the tanks at the station run dry. You will thank us for this tip.

The only one carrying propane, located on north side of Connaught Drive and Balsam
Located on north side of Connaught Drive and Balsam, only one with propane

There are only four campsites with power hook ups, follow us on our next article to find out more on traveling with a recreational vehicle.

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