Exploring new area is one of these places. It has been around for awhile, but we had never ventured into this area before. Even though thousands of visitors travel through the Columbia Icefield, this ice cave has not seen many of those visitors. Due to the seasons, it is very difficult to get to in the summer months, plus it is also dangerous when ice melts.

The entrance


Crystal clear ceiling glacier



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Columbia Icefield Cave Heather J

Columbia Icefield Cave

icefield-cave-0116 icefield-cave-0120 Athabasca glacier can be access by Ice Explorers in the summer months. There is also an outfit that offers hikes onto the glacier, but not to this cave due to the dangers that lurk. Use caution to explore this area. Do not venture too deep into the cave due to crevasses with in the cave itself. Proper tools to venture deeper is recommended.
Access: High­way 93 south, approx. 105km from Jasper Park­ing: Yes Trail­head: at base of glacier where the summer platform ends Activ­i­ties: Sight­see­ing, Tour, Ski­ing, Snowshoe, Hiking

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