Re-Discover Snowshoeing

Snowshoeing conjures up images of fur traders trudging through deep snow on platforms of wood and sinew. But like many other outdoor winter sports, snowshoeing has undergone somewhat of an equipment revolution in recent years. Snowshoes now are constructed of aluminum and synthetic materials and range in price from just under $100 to well over $500.

Edith Cavell, 2006
The Japanese connection on snowshoes.

Access Pristine Wilderness

If conditions are right, snowshoeing offers a chance to see terrain that even cross-country skiers have trouble accessing. Marshy or glade areas, like those found on the Pyramid Bench, are the best place to snowshoe. The Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge golf course provides a level area for beginners.

Jaqui and Edwin snow shoe
On the ridge of Pyramid Mountain

The Maligne Lake area offers more snow and good snowshoeing conditions too. Snowshoeing on the lake itself though is not a good idea as ice thickness can vary widely from place to place.

Put on your snow shoes and explore!

Be Prepared to Workout

And be warned - snowshoeing can be hard work and hills are especially difficult. Tromping through the snow provides a great aerobic work-out but can also be tough on the legs. Great for the family outings. Snowshoes are sold and rented at most ski shops.



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