Top 5 activities in the Spring

Spring is a great time to enjoy the warmer weather that brings with it. Flowers starts to bloom, taking a walk along the banks of the receding ice from the lakes and rivers, running through the valley trails when the paths are drying up, biking on the roadways when the gravel is cleaned up, alpine skiing in slush and the adventure tours are just a few of the activities you can enjoy in Jasper National Park.


It may seem that we use vehicles everywhere in our daily lives, but we live in the National Park and to appreciate the natural setting of this wonderland, a simple activity of walking in a pace you are comfortable with has many benefits. There is a wonderful Discovery Trail that encompass the town of Jasper that is well maintained and also equipped with interpretive signs along the entire route.

This trail is great for families and not too diffcult. The snow is normally cleared or melted by this time of the year.


Staying lower than 1200 metre in elevation, you should have no problems riding those trails. We do appreciate cyclsts to stay off the trail, if the trail is wet or muddy, it gives the trail a better experience when it is dry later on in the summer.

Road cycling is a really good option once the gravel is off the road. The Gran Fondo has now put Jasper in the mix and happens just around the end of Spring.


YES, there is still skiing in the spring. The alpine skiing is still available till the first week of May. The locals tend to wait till the afternoon sun hits and the snow softens up just sweet enough plow through the snow with little or no effort.

The backcountry still offers some touring, but this activity should be done with a guide.  The avalanche gets a little higher with the flucution of temperature. 


Why dining you say for activity? For one, there are special prices when the Summer is just around the corner. Some of the establishments tend to create their new menu for the upcoming onslaught of tourists to perfect their dishes.

As locals, we tend to taste these dishes so that we are aware of what to recommend and what to avoid. You do not believe how many times the visitors asks a local for recommendations.

Spring Cleaning

You might laugh, but this is a thing. You can also get bargains from others that are purging their stuff. The thrift store at the United church gets a influx of donated items this time of year.

The new staff for the summer is amping up, so they will be hunting and searching for household items for their abode.


Our resident dog whisperer

Red Squirrel Trail

This trail has been around for a...
Cat skiing


Snowmobile through the mountains and settle in a valley at the base of open and treed powder runs. There you will get lifted/towed to new heights, where you will ski or board deep untracked powder.

Pyramid Mountain - Jasper Alberta

Pyramid Mountain Climb

The hike is fairly steep and hands on,...
Taking a lunch break Edith Cavell Caribou Lake

Caribou Lake

Going beyond the Cavell Meadows will bring you to a beautiful Alpine Tarn ( Caribou Lake ), the scenery opens up with breathtaking Vistas.

minnow lake sign - explorejasper

Biking Minnow Lake

This trail can start anywhere from...
Hiking Fryatt - Explore Jasper

Hiking Fryatt

This hike completed in 2004, still a classic. You have a backcountry hut to chill out in.

Heli Hike - Explore Jasper


Fly in and hike Travel to the remote...


Great way to stay fit and having a wonderful backdrop while exercising.

Parkers Ridge

Parker's Ridge is a great place to day...
Wilcox Ridge - Explore Jasper

Wilcox Ridge

An easy hike to the Ridge is a must for day hiking in the Icefield area.

Amazing view for the Whirlpool Valley

Geraldine Lakes Fire Lookout

Abandon site of a fire lookout What do...

Saturday Night Lake

A quick little ride from town to reach...
Verdant pass Jasper

Verdant Pass

Verdant Pass We drove south on hwy 93...

Buffalo Prairie – Walking

Seems to be a favorite for dog owners...
Morning fog at Miette Camp

Miette Packtrail Adventure

"Why not hike a trail for a change"...
Tom accending

Marmot Back Country

Back-country is within reach via...
Shangri-la - Explore Jasper

Going great distance for Hot Pot

What does a local do to get a meal in a backcountry cabin.

Athabasca Falls - Explore Jasper

Athabasca Falls

The headwater comes from the Columbia...
The foot bridge access

Valley of the Five Lakes – Biking

A classic trail that is fairly busy...
Mystery Lake Trail - ExploreJasper

Mystery Lake

The trailhead...
Discovery Trail interpretive - Explore Jasper

Discovery Trail

Take a stroll around town The...
Mystery Canyon - ExploreJasper

Scrambling Mystery Canyon

Bring a nice pair of leather gloves to save your hands. Once reaching the top of the canyon, a hanging valley awaits. Beautiful vistas on the cliffs over the canyon is worth the day trip.

Terry at the edge of the lake, Edith Cavell

Mount Edith Cavell

Few summits in the park can match Mount Edith Cavell’s jagged beauty. A small powder blue melt water lake and beautiful Angel Glacier

A walk in the park with the dogs.

Winter Hike to Hibernia Lake

A short 6+ km hiking in the snow or...
Peak Hike - Explore Jasper

Jasper Freeride Season Wrap Up

Jasper Freeride Club annual trek to the peak of Marmot Basin.

Divergence Lake


Jasper to Hamber (EPIC) I'm not...
Pyramid Mountain Basin - Ski Tour - Explore Jasper

Ski-tour – Pyramid Basin

Treated to a fresh groom up the Pyramid Lake fire road for 7.5 km. Sweet cool conditions and a stellar groom job.

Bike jump - Explore Jasper

Monday Source Group ride

Monday is Source for Sports Group...

Ski Tour Rink Lake

"Venture Beyond" is the motto for...
Morro Canyon - Explore Jasper

Morro Canyon

A late snow year allows for this trek to be done in December.

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  • Mica Mountain Lodge
    (Located near Mount Robson, half an hour to the
    Jasper National Park boundary)
  • Dreamcatcher Inn
    (Located near Valemount Just over an hour west of Jasper)



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