Biking Trail Descriptions

Biking Trail Descriptions

Just coast­ing along — San­dra

Majorie Lake loop.….….….….….. 9 km

Easy to Inter­me­di­ate

- Start at Cab­in Creek off Bon­homme Street at west end, trail starts with a steady climb pret­ty well all the way to Min­now and Majorie Lake, there will be trail signs for the inter­sec­tions. The inter­sec­tion close to Majorie Lake is the return part for this descrip­tion. Very nice down hill sin­gle track with some roots and tiny drops. Sev­er­al options here for dif­fer­ent trails on return. This par­tic­u­lar one meets up with the train tracks, (be aware it is an active rail­way). Using the ser­vice road to return to town.

#8 Mina-Riley Lake Loop .….…..  9 km

Inter­me­di­ate to Advanced

- Start at the park­ing lot oppo­site the Aquat­ic Cen­ter.   The trail climbs fair­ly steeply to the left until it inter­sects Cab­in Lake fire road.  Cross the road and con­tin­ue past a large pond to Mina Lake. 3.5km from the lake a marked spur trail leads down a very steep hill to Riley Lake.  Turn around at the inter­sec­tion with #6 (where bikes are not allowed).  Return via the main trail turn­ing left onto the fire road at km 7.  A  right turn onto the paved Pyra­mid Lake Road will lead you back down to town.

Palisades Lookout .….….….….….…… 10.8 km

Pyramid Mountain Fire Road .….… 11 km


- Start at the very end of Pyra­mid Lake Road.  This is a gru­el­ing ride for the hardier moun­tain bik­er.  To go to the Pal­isade Look­out, take the junc­tion to the right.  The left junc­tion leads to the base of Pyra­mid Moun­tain.  Bring water.

#3 Saturday Night Loop .….….….. 27.4 km


- The trail­head is the west end of the town just before The Cab­in Creek West sub­di­vi­sion.  Take the left trail lead­ing from the park­ing lot.  The trail starts off uphill and fol­lows a low ridge with occa­sion­al views of the Miette and Athabas­ca Val­leys.  Past Cale­do­nia Lake the grade is gen­tle as it winds through a dense for­est.  The trail gets steep­er as it heads up to High Lakes.  From here to Sat­ur­day Night Lake are some swampy sec­tions, but beyond that to Cab­in Lake is easy trav­el­ing through open for­est.  From Cab­in Lake, con­tin­ue along the fire road to the junc­tion with Pyra­mid Lake Road and turn right to return to Jasper.  This trail can also be done in reverse.

#7 Athabasca River Trail .….….….. 23 km

Begin­ner to Inter­me­di­ate

Trail 7 — Start­ing at Old Fort Point the trail goes behind the golf course at The Fair­mont Jasper Park Lodge.  The first 12 km have some uphill sec­tions, espe­cial­ly as you near Maligne Canyon.  Bicy­cles are not allowed between the first and fifth bridges on the self-guid­ed trail at Maligne Canyon.  Instead, ride down Maligne Road and take the Fifth Bridge turnoff 3 km below.  Cross the bridge and pick up Trail #7 on the far side.  Turn left to Sixth Bridge and con­tin­ue along the trail runs beside the Athabas­ca Riv­er to Old Fort Point, or you can return to Jasper along High­way 16.

Lac Beauvert
Lac Beau­vert

The Overlander Trail .….….….….… 14 km

Begin­ner to Inter­me­di­ate

- The trail­head is 20 km east of Jasper town­site on hwy 16.   Look for the marked trail­head at the sec­ond park­ing lot where the high­way cross­es the Athabas­ca Riv­er.  The trail par­al­lels the Athabas­ca Riv­er offer­ing excel­lent views and a nice lunch spot at the ruins of the his­toric Mober­ly build­ings.  This area often floods in the spring result­ing in sandy sec­tions.  Some tricky side hill rid­ing is required near the north­ern start­ing point.  Near the end of the trail take the right-hand fork which cross­es a small bridged creek.  Con­tin­ue along the edge of the riv­er to the junc­tion of the Maligne and Athabas­ca rivers at Sixth Bridge pic­nic area.   Bears fre­quent this area, par­tic­u­lar­ly in the spring.

Signal Mountain Fire road lookout .. 10 km



- The marked trail­head for Sig­nal Moun­tain is 10 km up the Maligne Lake Road.  Like the Pal­isade Fire Road, this is a gru­el­ing ride for the more ener­getic moun­tain bik­er.  The road switch­backs con­tin­u­ous­ly over an ele­va­tion gain of 980 m.  Bring water.

# 1, 1A, 9 Old Fort Point

to Val­ley of the Five Lakes .…. 11.2 km
to Wabas­so Lake .….….….….. 19.3 km



- This com­bi­na­tion of trails fol­lows rolling ter­rain from Old Fort Point trail­head to the first lake in the Val­ley of the Five Lakes.  There are some rocky and root bound sec­tions.  There are two junc­tions in the trail at either end of the first lake.  Go left for scenic views of the lakes, or right to bypass the lakes.  All trails join togeth­er at the Wabas­so Lake trail junc­tion, before the sloughs.  Cross the board­walk to con­tin­ue on to the Ice­fields Park­way (High­way #93).  To con­tin­ue to Wabas­so Lake on the trail #9; fol­low the trail to the left of the sloughs.  The trail becomes root bound and rocky near Wabas­so Lake.  Return to Jasper via the Ice­field Park­way.

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Fortress Lake Trail .….….….….… 25 km

- Start at Sun­wap­ta falls and fol­low an old fire road.  Trav­el is excel­lent as far as the Athabas­ca Cross­ing sus­pen­sion bridge, 16 km along, though views are lim­it­ed.   Bik­ing beyond the sus­pen­sion bridge is not rec­om­mend­ed but you can hike the remain­ing 9 km to Fortress Lake.  Ford­ing the Cha­ba Riv­er to get to the lake is best in the spring and fall when water lev­els are low.  Camp­ing is avail­able at des­ig­nat­ed camp­sites along this trail.

Summit Lakes Trail .….….….…. 5 km
Jacques Lake .….….….….….…. 13 km

- The trail starts at the south end of Med­i­cine Lake, at the Beaver Lake pic­nic area and fol­lows a lush­ly veg­e­tat­ed val­ley 5 km to the first Sum­mit Lake.  To Beaver Lake there is vir­tu­al­ly no ele­va­tion gain so the trail is suit­able for fam­i­ly groups.   Beyond Sum­mit Lakes to Jacques Lake the trail can be very mud­dy if there’s been a lot of rain.  Hardy bik­ers can take the South Bound­ary Trail to the Rocky Pass exit.

Geraldine Fire Road .….….….… 5.5 km
Geraldine Lookout .….….….…… 8 km

- Start just off High­way 93A on the road to Geral­dine Lakes trail­head.  This rough road is open  to cars.  Those look­ing for a longer day trip can con­tin­ue past the gate 2.5 km far­ther along the old fire road to the Geral­dine Look­out and get good views of the low­er Whirlpool and Athabas­ca Val­leys.  Or you can con­tin­ue by foot along the marked trail to the first Geral­dine Lake.

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Fryatt Trail .….….….….….….… 10 km

- Start 2 km up the Geral­dine Fire Road at the park­ing lot for the Fry­att Val­ley.   The trail pass­es through a mod­er­ate­ly dense for­est with very lit­tle ele­va­tion gain for the first 8 km.  Some small creek cross­ings must be nego­ti­at­ed.  From the low­er Fry­att camp­site you can con­tin­ue anoth­er 10 km to the upper Fry­att Val­ley on foot.

Whirlpool Fire Road .….….….… 11.5 km

- From Hwy. 93A take Moab Lake turnoff and dri­ve to Moab Lake park­ing area.   From here it is 8.5 km to the end of the fire road.  You can hike or bike anoth­er 3 km from here to Tie Camp on foot.

Snake Indian Falls .….….….….. 48 km

- Dri­ve along the restrict­ed Celes­tine Lake Road to the Celes­tine Lake park­ing lot and the begin­ning of the North Bound­ary Trail.  A well grad­ed grav­el road leads 22 km to Snake Indi­an Falls.  One km beyond the falls, the road becomes a well-trav­eled trail to the Wil­low Creek area and the Rock Lake exit.

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