Slip, Tumble & Blood

This trek is one for the books, a full day hike to the peak of Hawk Mountain. We were warned on the difficulties and adventure that awaits us. The day was a blue bird with hot weather. Water is definitely a issue as this hike does not have any streams or any water source as a matter of fact. The four of us Reg, Art, Yumi and myself had a departure time of 8am leaving Jasper.


Yumi and Art flying high


every false summit has a view


Just getting some attitude


Hawk way back there in the distance


Old burn area


The trailhead starts at Morro Peak, since Art and Reg had trek to route before, Yumi and I relied on their experience. The trail is not as straight forward as it seems, so experience was great asset. No downtime on trek saving extra mileage looking for a route. I believe it took us 5 and a half hours to reach the peak.


Having lunch at the summit of Hawk

After the peak lunch and snacks is where this adventure begins. Just about about an hour of hiking down the loose talus and steep terrain I catch a glimpse of my friend Art sitting and Yumi hovering over him. As i got closer i see that there was blood! Yumi was busy patching Art up. After asking what happened, and checking if Art was okay. He told us how he slipped and fell, wow, Reg and I was shocked, we asked if he wanted a helicopter to take him down, because there was at least 4 hours descent to hike. Strong as an Ox, he said it was all good.


Crazy injury tumbling on sharp talas rocks

Checking on him while descending kept us all cool and collective. As we got close to the canyon, the water was dry on all us except for Reg who had the fore sight to stash some water along the trail.  Sure needed that swig of water. Thanks Reg.