Cliff jumping is best done on a hot day. A lake shaped like a horseshoe with surrounding cliffs, the highest jump point is said to be 80 feet. At approximately twenty-five feet high, it was pretty scary for me already. I would not recommend these jumps for the timid. Be sure to have a spotter, so that if you did not land proper or freeze up in the frigid waters, at least you got someone to save you.






Horseshoe Lake cliffs

The cliff that adventurist jump off.

Horseshoe lake is one of the deepest lakes in Jasper. Other activities like Scuba diving, Swimming  and Fishing are available here. Check with your local outdoor stores to see if boats are available to rent.

~ Warning ~
This type of sport is dangerous and should not be attempted without supervision.

Access: Highway 93 (Ice Field Parkway) South of Jasper approximately 25 kilometers.

Parking: Yes

Trailhead: Short walk

Activities: Scuba Diving, Fishing, Swimming, and Cliff Jumping