This trail can start anywhere from town, usually from the west of town. The 20 mile loop trail is where you can access this lake, just on the cabin creek entrance. Or the entrance to the pump house. A nice short ride with a bike or take a hike to the lake. This trail gets used by lots of dog walkers, so make noise for your speed on the trail.


Oops, ran into a snag

Minnow_lake_001 Minnow_lake_003 Minnow_lake_005 Minnow_lake_010 Minnow_lake_011 Minnow_lake_012 Minnow_lake_013

Access: Trail 3 – Part of the 20 mile loop.

Parking: No

Trailhead: From west end of town.

Activities: Sights / Biking / Fishing / Boating / Hiking