Ski Tour Rink Lake

Ven­ture Beyond” is the mot­to for Jasper, so explor­ing is where we will go. With all the delayed access to some pris­tine ski­ing in the park, cou­ple of the locals Dana Rud­dy and Sean Elliott decid­ed to explore some alter­na­tive routes to fill our days of ski­ing. One of those routes is Rink Lake via the Yel­low­head Pass and or the Miette Riv­er. This route took us (Reg, Art & Eddie) a good 10 hours with poor snow con­di­tions. The snow was non exis­tence for the first 2km or about 300 metre ele­va­tion, so that hike up with skis on our packs and slip­pery icy trail with our ski boots did not help. Our goal was 1,800 metres where Rink Lake resides.

Start­ing ele­va­tion 1120 metre.
high­est ele­va­tion 1857 metre. Dis­tance 22 kilo­me­tre.
Dura­tion 10 hrs includ­ing breaks.

BTW, the high­way sec­tion was not done with skis. 😉 (8km)

After reach­ing the pass the 100 metre decent on crusty nar­row pas­sage though the trees was a ven­ture in itself. Reach­ing the creek we found out that we had to climb back up towards Rink Lake about 80 metres of ele­va­tion and anoth­er cou­ple of kilo­me­tres. The frozen lake was such a pret­ty sight and it seems all the sweat was worth the explorato­ry trip.

We did not have much time stick­ing around due to day­light and the decent on unex­plored ter­rain we had to embark as we decid­ed to com­plete the loop exit­ing on the Miette riv­er. Again with the crusty un-turn­able ski con­di­tions, arrrg! We reached a drop on the creek where the sun­light was get­ting dim, lucky for me Reg was a lit­tle bit ahead and called out “DROP”, I stopped in my tracks and found a ten foot drop just inch­es in front of my ski tips.

Sun has well set now and lucky for Art and me, Reg packed a cou­ple of head­lamps for some of the tricky parts of the riv­er.  The last hun­dred metre decent is fair­ly flat so it was quick mov­ing under the moon­light.

Stay tuned to this sto­ry for any updates on the new ski club and a pro­pos­al for a back coun­try ski cab­in.

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