Lake Annette

Many come here to pic­nic, Bar-b-q, play Fris­bee or just soak­ing up the rays as the sun real­ly hits this area. If you are lucky you might see the Ospreys (bird of prey) hunt for their food, they are known to fre­quent the area as I can attest to. Watch­ing them dive into the water and pulling out some­thing you brag about after your fish­ing trip, is some­thing to behold.

great way to spend a hot day

Wild life is of abun­dance, as food attracts ani­mals (please do not feed ani­mals), some get too close for com­fort as these are wild ani­mals and very unpre­dictable. Some ani­mals include White­tail deer, Mule deer, Bears and Elk. There is also a cat­a­comb of hik­ing trails that orig­i­nates from this area. The Parks Infor­ma­tion Cen­tre can sup­ply you with free maps.

Float with a matress
car­ry out your bev­er­ages on a float­ing cad­dy

Boards are avail­able to rent these days in Jasper.    annette-lake-041723   annette-lake-041750

A day use area with plen­ty of thing to do, as this a large area with open spaces devel­oped for every­one to enjoy the park beach set­ting like you would find like the parks in your city (Not), This set­ting comes with a gor­geous view from the val­ley bot­tom. Panoram­ic views of the majes­tic Rocky Moun­tains that Sur­rounds Lake Annette. Take a walk around this glacial fed lake and appre­ci­ate the wilder­ness with­out get­ting to far into the back coun­try.

Jasper’s sandy beach
All ages

This area is for day use only and the war­dens will put out your fire if you stay too late, some­thing I do not agree with, but there are van­dals that make it bad for every­one. Please keep area clean for every­one to enjoy.

just float­ing along

Access: From Jasper head towards The Fair­mont Jasper Park Lodge, just before the JPL wel­come gates, turn left
Park­ing: Yes

Trail­head: 5 min­utes east of Jasper on HWY 16, 5 min­utes lodge road

Activ­i­ties: Canoe / Fish­ing / Wind Sail­ing / Bar-b-q / Day Use


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