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Walking is one of the best ways to get a real feel for the mountain region, enjoy great views and hopefully you see some wildlife in its natural habitat.


There is a variety of hikes available but be sure to check the distance and degree of difficulty before you set out. And always carry the appropriate gear.
We recommend registering with Parks Canada. “A lot of people are afraid to register, but even a twisted ankle can have you out overnight.”  Checking with the Parks Canada trail information office at the visitor information centre for up to date trail conditions and maps is also a good idea.  Hikers can choose from day hikes (some take only a hour or so) or overnight trips.

Explore Jasper is surfing the net to bring you the best link to stories and trail descriptions.  Locals and visitors who wish to submit their own experience of Jasper National Park are please to contact us at:  Explore Jasper Feedback

Hiking Stories

“Good footwear is most important and you have to dress for the conditions” says Jasper Nature Experience guide Cleone Todgham.  “Layered clothing is a good idea because it can be a lot cooler at higher elevations.”   You should also make sure your day pack contains sunglasses, sun screen, a hat, a first aid kit and water before you set out.

Wilcox Ridge

An easy hike to the Ridge is a must for day hiking in the Icefield area.

Hiking Fryatt

This hike completed in 2004, still a classic. You have a backcountry hut to chill out in.

Opal Hills

Located in the Maligne valley. This trailhead starts at Maligne lake.

Scrambling Mystery Canyon

Bring a nice pair of leather gloves to save your hands. Once reaching the top of the canyon, a hanging valley awaits. Beautiful vistas on the cliffs over the canyon is worth the day trip.

Waterfalls – Poboktan

Waterfalls - Poboktan: Off-trail fashion. There I was, at the horse gate just before Waterfalls campground. My plan was to ascend a steep slope along the creek (left side climber view). The pine forest was quite open with few deadfalls on the ground, I quickly got to...

Geraldine Lakes Fire Lookout

Abandon site of a fire lookout What do locals do when there is a day off from the hustle and bustle of the summer traffic? They go hiking and explore the few trails that parks has still left open for the hikers and pets. This relatively short hike but a rough road to...

Wilcox Lake

Exploring the Wilcox area Wonderful hike off the Wilcox trail, a lake hidden behind some ridges. It was nice to see hidden gems like these. I don't think we saw this in a hike book when we decided to do this trek. Word of mouth in around town amongst the like minded...

Cinqfoil Mountain

False summits after false summits Cinqfoil mountain is  a interesting hike, it does not seem long, but it pretty well takes a whole day to summit when you finally hit the peak. The hike starts off low and some what wet if the marsh is high. The year we did this hike...

Caribou Lake

Going beyond the Cavell Meadows will bring you to a beautiful Alpine Tarn ( Caribou Lake ), the scenery opens up with breathtaking Vistas.

Mount Edith Cavell

Few summits in the park can match Mount Edith Cavell’s jagged beauty. A small powder blue melt water lake and beautiful Angel Glacier

Red Squirrel Trail

This trail has been around for a while, but Parks decided it needed a name and has upgraded the trail nicely. Mainly, it connects the town and Jasper Park Lodge with minimal auto traffic. Access from Hazel ave in Jasper, you head toward the Highway 16 (Yellowhead)...

Parkers Ridge

Parker's Ridge is a great place to day hike once you enter Jasper national park border from Banff. Combining nature and human activity, this area has dangers that can be life threatening. But with proper knowledge of the terrain, this place is a great playground for...

Mt. Tekarra

This peak is named after an Iroquois guide that lead the Paliser expedition through the Athabasca valley in the days of the fur trade. It has been rumored the name "Tekarra" loosely translated as "Light Dancing on Water".  So when you look on the water and see the...

Pyramid Mountain Climb

The hike is fairly steep and hands on, so it is rated scrambling in my books. Scrambling the local backdrop A little misleading with the word climb, this trip is a multi sport event. Biking the first part is recommended and you will love the downhill when you are done...

Valley of the Five Lakes

A favorite for visitors and locals. These five lakes can be accessed in number of ways. Drive to the trail head on the 93 south, just about 6 miles, or 9 km. This is a popular spot, so the parking is tight. Local favorite is to ride a mountain bike from the back route...

Hawk Mountain

Slip, Tumble & Blood This trek is one for the books, a full day hike to the peak of Hawk Mountain. We were warned on the difficulties and adventure that awaits us. The day was a blue bird with hot weather. Water is definitely a issue as this hike does not have any...

Marjorie Lake

Short access to this lake on a well used trail. Part of the Saturday night lake loop. From town it is 2.5km one way to this small lake. Very popular with runners and dog walkers. Access: Cabin Creek trail 2014 HOTELS My Jasper Nanny ( Nanny Ser­vices ) Athabasca Hotel...

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  • Mica Mountain Lodge
    (Located near Mount Robson, half an hour to the
    Jasper National Park boundary)
  • Dreamcatcher Inn
    (Located near Valemount Just over an hour west of Jasper)


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  • Mica Mountain Lodge
    (Located near Mount Robson, half an hour to the
    Jasper National Park boundary)
  • Dreamcatcher Inn
    (Located near Valemount Just over an hour west of Jasper)



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