Red Squirrel Trail

This trail has been around for a while, but Parks decided it needed a name and has upgraded the trail nicely. Mainly, it con­nects the town and Jasper Park Lodge with min­i­mal auto traf­fic.

Running free at the dog park
Run­ning free at the dog park
Nicely posing for the camera
Nicely pos­ing for the cam­era
Red Squirrel Trail sign
Red Squir­rel Trail sign
Our resident dog whisperer
Our res­i­dent dog whis­perer

Access from Hazel ave in Jasper, you head toward the High­way 16 (Yel­low­head) then to Old Fort Point and can fur­ther access to Jasper Park Lodge.


This is one of my “go to” dog walk­ing path rou­tine. I get to pass by lake and river. If the dogs get too hot they can cool off and re hydrate.

Our resident dog whisperer
Our res­i­dent dog whis­perer


Valley of the Five Lakes — Biking

A clas­sic trail that is fairly busy for hik­ers and bik­ers alike. There are a cou­ple of ways to access these beau­ti­ful lakes. For this post, we were on bikes using trails, 1, 9 and 12 to com­plete a loop from town.

Anthony riding the steep sections
Anthony rid­ing the steep sec­tions
Foot bridge over streams
Foot bridge over streams
Great vantage point
Great van­tage point
Lake 2 of Valley of the Five Lakes
Lake 2 of Val­ley of the Five Lakes
Beau­ti­ful glacial col­ors
Nice rest area along the lake


Right from town, we head for Old Fort Point where you can catch Trail 1 and con­nect with Trail 9 then com­ing out of the south access trail­head for Val­ley of the Five Lakes. This park­ing lot is quite small and often the vehi­cles are parked along the 93 Ice­field Park­way.

The foot bridge access The foot bridge access

Rid­ing a bike gives you many options to divert to other trails. Plus you do not need to find park­ing or burn any fos­sil fuel.

Trail 12 along the highwayTrail 12 along the high­way

Trail 12 has devel­oped quite well for the folks who don’t want to be too deep into the back­coun­try and access to their camp­sites and bun­ga­lows.



Ultimate Frisbee

Lots of wide open spaces in our park, throw­ing a disc around is a nice past time to get some exer­cise and catch­ing up with friends.

Mimi with the leap
Don’t let it hit me.…
Reach for it
Got away from the block

ultimate_0012 ultimate_0017 ultimate_0034 ultimate_0036 ultimate_0037



Fam­ily fun

The enjoy­ment of white­wa­ter raft­ing is acces­si­ble to all the mem­ber of your fam­ily, party or orga­ni­za­tions.  Jasper’s raft­ing out­fit­ters will take you for an adven­ture of a life­time with some of the most scenic and excit­ing river of the Cana­dian Rock­ies.

rafting-afalls-1530-geoff 018

Take a look at our River Classes to help you select your river expe­ri­ence.


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