Marmot Basin Day 9 2016

Did any­one catch the sun­rise today? The awe­some glow of the south­ern sky. Wak­ing up to head for the hills is pret­ty awe­some to wit­ness this view.

Sunrise in Jasper
Sun­rise in Jasper
Having a fun time, but not on Basin run.
Hav­ing a fun time, but not on Bas­in run.

The Eagle Ridge chair opened on Tues­day and the snow was pret­ty good. Should have had the pow­der boards to shred in the trees on north­west side.  Just wait­ing for some more snow to cov­er the bas­in run and all would be good.

View of jasper on the Eagle Ridge chair
View of jasper on the Eagle Ridge chair


Two Valley Canyon

Canyon discoveries in Maligne Valley

This gem is great year round, ice for­ma­tions in the win­ter and water fall in the sum­mer. Some adven­tur­ists repel the water­fall while it is ful­ly gush­ing with water for thrills. This canyon is also nick­named Bull­shit Canyon (if some­one can cor­rect me if I’m wrong, please do so.)

Bring cram­pons as this trek needs them. You can also walk along the top of the canyon if you have ropes to rap­pel into the top part of the canyon.

Will need crampons for this section
Will need cram­pons for this sec­tion
Ice statues
Ice stat­ues
Ice statues
Ice stat­ues
End of the line unless you have ice climbing gear
End of the line unless you have ice climb­ing gear
Another ice fall to negotiate
Anoth­er ice fall to nego­ti­ate
If you can't walk, slide
If you can’t walk, slide

Access to this area is on Maligne Lake road south of the Maligne Hostel. You will come to a bridge where the canyon joins the Maligne river.


Jasper in January 2017

Adven­ture week: Jan­u­ary 12–15

Jan­u­ary 12–14

Jasper Fat Bike Race & Sum­mit Pow­ered by Frosty’s Fat Bike Series

Jan­u­ary 27–29

Men’s Pond Hock­ey Tour­na­ment

Appetite week: Jan­u­ary 19–22

Jan­u­ary 19

Chili Cook-Off

Jan­u­ary 20

Wine in Win­ter

Jan­u­ary 21

Hops & Scotch

Win­ter Pen­tathlon

Jan­u­ary 22

Jasper Dine Around

Arts week: Jan­u­ary 27–29

Jan­u­ary 28–29

Lole Well­ness Week­end

Jan­u­ary 28

ATCO Street Par­ty & Fire­works

Stargazing With Jasper Planetarium

Watch­ing the stars in the dark sky is a fun event any­one can enjoy. Just find a moon­less night and a dark pre­serve and the twin­kles of the stars will light you up.

Fun lights on the bridge with Orion Belt
Fun lights on the bridge with Ori­on Belt

A group gath­ered for some view­ing of the stars with tele­scopes, binoc­u­lars and cam­eras to watch the clear skies at 5th bridge in the Maligne val­ley. Jasper Plan­e­tar­i­um sup­plied the tele­scopes and knowl­edge­able staff.

Pointing out the stars
Point­ing out the stars
How light pollution gets in the way
How light pol­lu­tion gets in the way

Note: One thing about going out in win­ter is have spare bat­ter­ies and good warm cloth­ing and you will enjoy the adven­ture a whole lot bet­ter.

Computer hook-up viewing nebulas far away
Com­put­er hook-up view­ing neb­u­las far away
The Milky Way untouched
The Milky Way untouched


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