Rafting Athabasca River


Points of interest, Directions, links and photo packed adventurous stories. Some of these attractions can be reached by car, bus, biking, shuttle service and hiking. They are accessible to everyone, although some involve a short walk or an extended multi-day trip and some, you will need a humorous attitude. But all fun to just get out and explore Jasper.

We would like to thank all that contributes to the stories listed here. You are invited to submit your stories about Jasper and surrounding area. If you do not have photos that goes with your story, do not worry, as we are willing to venture outdoors from our computer desks to photograph the vistas, scenes, and adventures that relate to your story. The stories are posted on this site for FREE. Our related links are sponsors that keep this web site free of annoying banners and ads.

To better appreciate the environment, pack out your own rubbish and pick up any you see. Don't forget to bring a camera. You will not be disappointed in what you see.


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